Inch sized fasteners and more

Technical Data

On this page, you will find an overview of the most important technical information and resources to assist you in working with fasteners and related products. We offer a variety of links providing everything from screw identification to converting inch to millimeter values. Use this data to make your projects more efficient and precise.

Fürniss GmbH

Screw Determination

This link leads to a page where you can learn how to identify different screws. Here you will find helpful tips and guidelines to identify screw types, sizes, and threads. It’s a practical guide for anyone working with screws who needs a quick reference.

Overview thread types

This link provides an overview of the various thread types, from American Unified Threads to British Standard Threads. You will find detailed information on UNC, UNF, NPT, BSW, BSF, and other thread types, as well as their applications. Additionally, you will find references to thread tables for further technical details.

An excerpt of the most common materials

Here you get an overview of the wide range of materials offered by Fürniss GmbH. From standard steel to nickel alloys and non-ferrous metals, you will find a selection of materials for various applications. This section is particularly helpful when choosing the right materials for your project.

Standard lengths

This link leads to a table showing common standard lengths in the inch range, along with their corresponding decimal and millimeter values. This reference is ideal when you need an accurate conversion or are working with different units of measurement. The table is a useful tool for planning, design, and manufacturing.