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KEENSERTS - Solid Inserts

The high-strength KEENSERTS® thread inserts are an excellent solution for applications requiring high load capacity and wear resistance. They are particularly well-suited for use in soft or brittle materials such as aluminum or gray cast iron, providing a secure and durable connection. Whether for aluminum gearbox housings, armor fastenings to aluminum frames, or aluminum door frames of trains, KEENSERTS® offer high stability and reliability. These thread inserts are available in various designs, including self-locking, studs, and closed-end versions, to meet different requirements.


Standard Keensert

Fürniss GmbH

Locking Keensert

Fürniss GmbH

Stud Keensert

Fürniss GmbH

Blind Keensert

Assembly as follows:

The KeenSerts® thread insert is screwed into the receiving thread by hand for 2-3 turns. After placing the tool, the KeenSerts® is turned clockwise until it reaches its installation depth. The optimal installation depth is predetermined by the pre-assembled locking keys and the countersink diameter of the receiving threaded hole. The locking keys are now to be driven in. Initially, the locking keys remain in the tool’s holes. The first third is guided and hammered in, preventing the locking keys from bending. Once the tool is seated, it is lifted and rotated 45°. The locking keys are then further driven in with additional hammer blows until the tool touches the surface. The Keenserts® is now correctly installed. Drilling and threading are done with standard drills and taps.

More Information:

For detailed information about our products and tools, we offer a range of PDF documents available for download. Here you will find technical data, manuals, and specifications for our Camloc KEENSERTS hand tools, power tools, solid inserts, and various KEENSERTS series. These documents contain essential details that help you choose the right product for your application and optimize its use. Download the desired files to learn more about our products and obtain the best solutions for your projects.