Inch sized fasteners and more


The Fürniss GmbH is your reliable partner for high-quality Howmet products. Our collaboration with Howmet enables us to deliver a selection of products known for their quality and durability. With a wide range of quick fasteners, clamping fasteners, and threaded inserts, we offer solutions that can be used in many industries and applications.

Camloc Quick Release Fasteners

These quick fasteners allow for quick and easy connection, ideal for applications that require frequent opening and closing.

Camloc Draw Latches

Toggle latches provide an adjustable and secure method for fastening machine and accessory parts that need to be regularly opened and closed.

KEENSERTS - Solid Inserts

These thread inserts are high-strength and wear-resistant, suitable for soft or brittle materials such as aluminum or gray cast iron.


Recoil thread inserts provide a flexible solution for repairing or reinforcing threads, ideal for applications where a robust and durable connection is required.

Inch sized fasteners and more

Your Contact Person in the Field Howmet Products

Ms. Susanne Herbst is your contact person at Fürniss GmbH for all questions regarding Howmet products. Whether you need information on Camloc Quick Release Fasteners, Camloc Draw Latches, KEENSERTS – Solid Inserts, or Recoil® products, Ms. Herbst is here to assist you. You can reach her by phone at +49 7247 95440-11 or by email at Contact her for personalized advice and support.

Ms. Susanne Herbst


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