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Imperial nuts - nuts with imperial threads

Nuts are essential for applications based on custom threads. Fürniss GmbH offers a diverse selection of custom nuts suitable for both standard applications and special projects. Our nuts are robust, durable, and manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure a secure connection. Whether you’re looking for classic hex nuts or other specialized custom nuts, we have the right product for your needs. Explore our range and find the ideal custom nuts for your applications.

Technical Information (Thread Types, Materials, Lengths) Can be found here.


approx DIN 315

Wing Nuts, approx to DIN 315

approx DIN 557

Square Nuts, approx to DIN 557

approx DIN 929

Hex Weld Nuts, approx to DIN 929

ASME B18.2.2 – approx DIN 934

Hex Nuts, approx to DIN 934

approx DIN 935

Slotted Hex Nuts, approx to DIN 935

ASME B18.2.2 – approx DIN 936

Hex Jam Nuts, approx to DIN 936

approx DIN 980V

Stover Lock Nuts, approx to DIN 980V

ASME B18.16.6 – approx DIN 980

 Two Way Reversible Nuts, approx to DIN 980

approx ISO 982

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, approx to DIN 982

approx DIN 985

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Thin Height, approx to DIN 985

approx DIN 1587

Cap Nuts, approx to DIN 1587

approx DIN 6923

Serrated Flange Locknuts, approx to DIN 6923

K-Lock Nuts

K-Lock Nuts

Flextop Muttern

Flextop  Nuts

Flextop Muttern, flach

Flextop nuts thin pattern

ASME B18.2.2

Heavy Hex Nuts