AN-MS-NAS Hardware

Example norms

  • AN - Air Force - Navy-Aeronautical Standard
  • MS - Military Standard
  • NAS - National Aerospace Standard
  • NSN - National Stock Number
  • LN - Aeronautics and Astronautics

Examples of common articles


AN565, NAS1351, NAS1352


MS24693, MS24694, MS27039, MS35190, MS35191, MS35206, MS35207, MS35265, MS35266, MS35267, MS35268, MS35269, MS35270, MS35271, MS35272, MS35273, MS35274, MS35275, MS35276, MS51957, MS51958, MS51959, MS51960, NAS1096, NAS514, NAS515, NAS516, NAS517, NAS600, NAS601, NAS602, NAS603, NAS604, NAS605, NAS606

Nuts (Free Running & Self Locking)

Barrel Nuts, Retainers, Capped/Dome Nuts (Anchor, Hex), Clinch & Hex Nuts (Nylon Insert, Heavy, Light, Miniature) Clip Nuts (Sheet Metal, Connector Mounting), Press Nuts (Fixed, Floating), Sealing Nuts (Standard, Miniature), Shank, Spline, Stake, Twelve Point (Double Hex) Nuts


AN3, AN4, AN5, AN6, AN7, AN8, AN9, AN10, AN11, AN12, AN13, AN14, AN15, AN16, AN17, AN18, AN19, AN20, MS35206, MS35207


AN960, AN970, MS9321, MS15795, MS15859, MS20002, MS27183, MS35333, MS35334, MS35335, MS35336, MS35338, NAS620, NAS1149, NAS1252

Threaded Inserts

Helically-Coiled Wire Inserts, Key-Locked Inserts & Studs, Nutserts, Press-In-Inserts, Ring-Locked Inserts & Studs, Rivet Nuts, Sandwich Panel (Honeycomb) Inserts, Self-Tapping Inserts, Thin Wall Inserts, Thread Forming Inserts


MS24667, MS24668, MS24669


Anchor, One-Lug, Two-Lug, Corner, Right-Angle; Full-Size, Miniature; Fixed, Floating; Locking, Non Locking, MS21047, MS21048, MS21049, MS21050, MS21051, MS21052, MS21053, MS21054, MS21055, MS21056, MS21057, MS21058, MS21059, MS21060, MS21061, MS21062,MS21069, MS21070, MS21071, MS21072, MS21073, MS21074, MS21075, MS21076,MS21077, MS21078, MS21079, MS21080, MS21086, MS21087, ESNA - Kaynar - SPS


Detailed information about AN-MS-NAS hardware.

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