Quality and environmental policy


Quality is one of our most important goals. The company management promotes the sense of responsibility and quality among the employees and works on the continuous improvement of the processes.

A quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (9002) has been in use in the company since 1999, supported by modern CAQ testing software.

Furthermore, we are a member of the Fachverband des Schrauben-Großhandels e. V. (Association of Screw Wholesalers) (FDS) and are regularly represented at trade fairs all over the world.

Environmental policy

We have made it our mission to use the natural resources that our environment provides us with responsibility and to conserve them in the best possible way.

Our contribution:

  • Own photovoltaic system
  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Exclusive use of LED luminaires
  • Professional disposal of the cardboard boxes
  • Power-saving IT